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The benefits of refinishing and resurfacing make Crystal Shine Refinishing the right choice!

Commercial and residential clients seeking quality resurfacing and refinishing services, including professional spray foam insulation, can trust in the exceptional quality and reliability of Crystal Shine Refinishing. Our mission is to exceed every customer’s expectations, not just meeting but surpassing them with our workmanship and the superior refinishing products we utilize.

With a vast array of custom services, from specialized coatings and resurfacing techniques to a diverse range of refinishing and insulation options, our skilled team ensures your project is executed flawlessly and aligns with your budget. We collaborate closely with our clients to establish payment schedules that seamlessly integrate with any existing construction timelines.

Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of services, including bathtubs, countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, shower enclosures, whirlpool tubs, plumbing fixtures, vanities, sinks, floors, walls, and now, professional spray foam insulation. Our goal is to rejuvenate your space with an eco-friendly approach, breathing new life into existing fixtures and surfaces while minimizing environmental impact.

By opting to refurbish and insulate to conserve energy, we not only enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of bathrooms and kitchens in homes, hotels, motels, offices, and condos but also contribute to environmental conservation by reducing landfill waste and save on energy costs. Trust Crystal Shine Refinishing to expertly repair and restore any worn, stained, or scratched surfaces, ensuring a pristine finish and optimize energy efficiency in your space.

Affordable & Reliable

Why Choose Us

You save money!

Costly renovations can cost 70 to 80% more than simply restoring, resurfacing, or refinishing what is already in place. Your restored fixtures can have a new look and a useful life of 15 years or more.

You save valuable time!

The process of renovation can require expensive and time-consuming permits, building time, delivery times, and other hassles. Having your surfaces refinished and restored means that they can typically be returned to regular use and service in less than a day – versus the weeks or months that a renovation can take.

You get results with the design and functionality that you desire!

Worn out surfaces can have a brand new appearance that beautifully enhance your overall design and decor plans. Resurfacing or refinishing brings a virtually unlimited choice of colors and finishes. Optional upgrades include antimicrobial protection for surfaces that can negate bacteria and mold.

You get a cleaner process with less waste!

Landfill space is limited and waste disposal is not always environmentally friendly. A typical renovation project can generate a filled dumpster, or more. Resurfacing what is already in place often generates less than a bag of debris – and a big win for the Earth!

You can support eco-conscious sustainability!

By virtually eliminating the environmental costs that often result from the manufacture of new fixtures, and the disposal of used materials – the refinishing process makes use of what is already in place and gives everything a lovely appearance and a durable lifespan.

Great Service & Experience

About The Owner

Michael Burns

Michael Burns

Owner-operator, Michael Burns, is a skilled tradesman who has continuously helped customers while always searching and learning about new methods and products related to his field. Skilled in all facets of tile installation to concrete finishing, he has been happily able to combine his love of his work with his love of the natural environment.

Michael’s ability to take what was once considered “dated” into the modern age – using his refinishing expertise – has garnered the attention of homeowners and property management companies across the country. Saving his clients time and money while preserving reusable fixtures, he does so with a nod to conservation.

Through his company, Crystal Shine Refinishing, Michael has been able to help entire communities by educating others about the importance of his craft. After training his own team of experts, Michael was able to take on large refinishing jobs for large hotels and apartment complexes alike.

Michael and his team of professionals will work with each customer to find the best, most cost-effective solution for every project – whether it’s for one tub or hundreds – you can trust Crystal Shine Refinishing to put a new shine on your bathtub, tiling, or countertop!

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